The Concept

What is Socrates in the Vineyard?


Over 2400 years ago Socrates, the Greek Philosopher wrote “The unexamined life is not worth living”.  His challenge has rung through the ages encouraging humanity to think deeply about life.  While studying at the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics in Oxford, England in the summer of 2011, I was inspired by the quality of the conversations I heard on the street, in the pub and in the classroom.  People seemed to easily engage in long and sometimes passionate discussions about the difficult and important issues of philosophy, culture and faith.

This is an evening set in Vineyards of Niagara, sipping on a glass of vintage wine, listening to the sounds of smooth music while engaging in deep conversations. These conversations will cover a wide range of topics, which may include questions such as how we find real meaning in life, does culture influence our values or is faith relevant in the 21st Century?

Each of us has a set of presuppositions that form a grid through which we answer questions about life.  They form for each of us a worldview, from which we develop our values and live our lives. Our purpose is to explore these presuppositions from a variety of differing worldviews.

I trust that this will be a memorable evening. Our goal is that you will make new friends, and be challenged in your worldview and leave knowing this is just the beginning of the conversation, and certainly not the end.